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You control it - accepts new Reviews too - emails you when they arrive,
you click a button to accept it, until then it's not displayed - simple

It shows only the Reviews you want to showcase, in date order
Never any defamatory or libelous ones
There’s no advertising of any kind and no mention of your competitors

Just add a link like this Reviews on your own website for people to click
and encourage your customers to review you there from now on

If you think you're being bullied by individuals, review companies then try unyelpme
No more filtering or hiding of your best reviews, showcasing of negative ones

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It's fire and forget - takes minutes to setup, works around the clock
it’s very effective and.. the entire cost of this is about $8 per month

... and that’s only after you've tried it free for a full month!

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Here's how it works:

Note: We can't remove reviews from other reviews sites - we instead provide a great tool to display your reviews

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